Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This is going to be a real home

This week the campus is a bit in revolution because of the Halloween party on friday.
ARISE Chloe Straps
Toxic High Sally May Dress Brighter Days
Sugel Co.  My dear Sunglasses
{what next} Bramely Bicycle Pose Prop 
Persicot Mesh Jacket 
 Enme mesh jeans
 Kaina beach mesh glasses
Tuty poses
Oh my, what a weekend.
Very early in the morning, Rum not only called but appeared home, and invited me to have breakfast in the village.
Silence said he would take care of ZsiZsi and i was free to spend the day with Rum.

When we said goodbye at the train, i told him i was going to miss him, and i was not lying.

Ree and Umami were waiting for me at the flat, and we were all awwwwwwwwwwww ohhhhhhh and omg omg, and not only about my weekend  but about theirs.

My friends spent the weekend shopping for the flat deco. They had got amazing bargains, and also had had a lot of fun with Jerry the neighbour, who wanted to help them.

Time to leave the 'boxes warehouse' and have  a real home at campus!!
Moose Clothing  M/F Baggy Pants Gremlin
Cosmopolitan Sales Room V-Spot // Bono Jacket - Blue 50% at  CSR  for Hello Tuesday
Tuty poses

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