Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This is too intense

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{NanTra} Poses
*plowwies* Ayumu jammies set 6 Unisex
OK, you know how i love the Halloween, but all this thing about friday's party is being so intense, that I had a horrible nightmare last night!
And I was not the only one, cause Ree's dream was so weird that we laughed to tears when she told us.
*plowwies* Ayumu jammies set 6 Unisex
Oasis Male T-Shirt and Baggy Pants
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Xen's Hats Arachnobia Hat Black 
1-2 DM poses 3- Reverie poses

Looking good? Oh my, Ree is always Ree! :)
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Label Motion
*plowwies* Ayumu jammies set 6 Unisex

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