Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What are your plans?

Boo! Bunny hunt *plowwies* Machiavelli jammies  female hunt gift
Vintage&Cool Fair Image Essentials - Vanity w/poses
I supose you imagine first thing I did when i got home from the fair.
Yes, I called the girls.
When I told Umi i had done something TERRIBLE, and my mom would kill me if she knew, she called Ree and we all met in facetime :)

'OMG. DD is alone the whole weekend (babysitting ZsiZsi, but she doesnt count), and she has invited a boy to come home tonight!'
'What are your plans?' asked Ree, and I said I had no plans, I had no even idea of what to wear!

'What about something very Halloween?', Umi proposed, but Ree said that could be sexy but not really romantic. 'And DD is too romantic, and she needs to feel herself to feel selfsecure'.
OMG Aurora's Closet ~ Haunted ~ Orange Halloween Mini Dress
Pose by Phoenix Female pose set
'You have to look super nice, but also to look like you are home and comfy'
Fresh Style SUP POSES Catwalk
EYELURE Cocktail Dress 
Say Nothing Tricia heels  for the HYFS8
Umami said, 'Then DD, wear as you are... cute!'
OMG Verocity - The Seven Sins Pose Set
Vintage&Cool Fair .ARISE. Vin Dress / Rose
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Delusional Bootie Heels (Slink High)
 'But not too cute', shouted Ree in alarm, 'you are not ZsiZsi. You are and want him to see you as a woman, dont you?'
ASO!&Sooth Looser dress  and Ballet Coroo
DM poses 
But finally, I had an idea and my friends said it was perfect.
'And now DD, what are your plans?'
Vintage&Cool Fair Image Essentials - Vanity w/poses
Boo! Bunny hunt *plowwies* Machiavelli jammies  female hunt gift

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