Sunday, November 23, 2014

Las Vegas wedding

Yes. Hard to believe. But its happening. Loulou is going to get married next week in Las Vegas, and ... ok, ready? Sure?
She is inviting all of us, paying for our trip and hotel there.
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Le Poppycock- poses

She wants Sugar Suz to be her maid, and Marlow, Ree, Silence, Umi, me ('I told Loulou you are with Rum, and she invited him too')  will be her special guests in the ceremony. Well, Sugar Suz says we will probably be the only guests, cause Loulou has not told her parents, and he has not invited anyone.
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And who is he? 'Someone damn rich', Ree said. 'And damn crazy', Marlow added. But best comment was Sugar Suz's . 'Lets go shopping, I need a dress'.
He can be damn rich, but how did she convince him to marry in a rush and pay for all her friends?
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