Friday, December 19, 2014

A movie to watch tonight

Rum and I have started to be 'something' when i was away from home, so most of our conversations had been through internet.
I thought it could be an idea to let him know i knew about his secret life by writing him a mail. Then he would say, 'we need to talk' and things would be easier.
I needed to be alone and concentrate, so i went to the cafe with my laptop.
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I was checking the internet, reading about the Van der Kerk family, when my mail tone rang.
Rum's mail.

He was sending mail to all of us, with the list of the movies we could watch in the evening. It was a heavy file, cause he had added the revews of different media, and he ended the mail with a PS. for Silence and Marlow, saying he had done his best to avoid watching the 'Hearts in the moonlight', but he was sure he was wasting his time cause 'the girls will vote for that one for sure'.
Hahahaha poor guys! A very romantic movie about teen love, between a ghost and a girl... awwww yes yes! The ghost was our fav actor!!
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Feeb's Rascals St. M&M Incorporated - Men's Christmas Sweater
V-Spot Stitched Velvet Suspender Jeans
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I smiled and answered, 'YES, that one'.
He answered in few seconds by his mobile. 'Oh great, didnt i say it was my fav?', making me laugh.
Then he sent a mail just for me, 'where are you, love, i miss you'. 
'I miss you too, come and lets talk about that Van der Kerk thing'
Naaaaa, i couldnt do that. I was watching the screen, trying to find a better way to tell him, when i heard
his voice at my back.
'DD? Woooot, love, isnt this magic?'
You bet.

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