Friday, December 19, 2014


I felt confused, and Im sure you understand me.
Moose Clothing  Nisha Shirt
Loordes of London La Marais-Boots
Marukin Pose
After breaking up with my 'all life long' boyfriend, who loved his career much more than he loved me, i was beginning to feel very close to another person.
A  fun, easygoing, caring boy, who wears, talks and acts exactly as the rest of my friends. He doesnt have a car, and his mobile is not bad but not much better than ours. He has a couple of very good laptops, but he is studying computers, so thats not so weird.
Moose Clothing  Nisha Shirt
He shares a simple flat with other guys. He has a bad romance story in his background. Yeah, nothing special, uh?
And suddenly, he is a millionaire.
And I dont know how to ask him why he didnt tell me about it.

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