Monday, December 29, 2014

I have 30 seconds more

Loulou is back from her honeymoon. She was trying to find Sugar Suz but she couldnt, so she called me (yeah, im second in the list :P) .
She is coming to spend some days with her family, after making peaces with her mom, who didnt like her daughter's surprise wedding at all.
Hubby will meet her in some days, as soon as he can put some order at work.
I told her I had seen her amazing commercial, she looks great! 
Vestige poses with Image Essentials  Friends 2015 poses
'Oh  thank you! Yes, it is good, isnt it? And the girl in the spot with me you know her, dont you? Snowblack!!'
'Oh wow, yes i know her, she is super famous! Are you friends?'
'Well... not exactly'.
That day, Loulou arrived to the studios feeling nervous. It was her first national commercial, and she had to meet a legend , Snowblack, one of the most important models at the moment.
So she got ready for the meeting, looking awesome, elegant, and casual (all at once- only top models can do it :P)
::Designer Circle::. Loordes of London The Distressed Shopper
Loordes Of London  Chennai Handbag and Palermo Heels
W. Winx & Flair
And what did she find at the studio?
ASO!&Soothe  Basic Hoodie 
SKY My favorite skinny jeans
Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe  Pour le pied 
W. Winx & Flair
That horrible brat, S-M-O-K-I-N-G!
When she told her to stop doing THAT, 'that thing is horrible for the skin! And will kill you!', the girl 'called her names' (posh, ridiculous b**ch...) and went to her , blowing smoke in Loulou's face. She said she was already dead, and began playing the zombie (hahahaha, I think it had to be fun to see).
Vestige for CarnEvil  Walking Dead
Loulou was furious, and asked her to behave, she had no time for stupid waste of time, she had come to work and she was waiting for Snowblack, had the girl seen her?
She said, 'oh... oh yes, i think so, she was... oh where did i see her? Oh, wait yes, i remember!...
fi*Friday Fashion House Vestige Liss poses
Oh wow, she was Snowblack! Loulou went to get dressed thinking she was not sooooooooo impressive.
::Designer Circle::. Pink Cherry Beaded nails slink hud
Moose Clothing Party Mini Dress
Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe Vermallion Slingbacks 
W. Winx & Flair
In fact, everybody told HER (Loulou) that she was A-W-E-S-O-M-E, and the photographer was taking pics at her non stop while waiting for 'the brat'.
Vestige poses with Image Essentials  Friends 2015
But when the girl appeared...
::Designer Circle::. Pink Cherry Beaded nails slink hud
Candy Cloud Pink Leppoard Mesh Dress 
SKY Obsession Stiletto Pink
W. Winx & Flair
ARISE Scrub Brows and Cat Eyeshadow 
* Inkheart * Winter Fantasy Snow eyes
WOW SKINS Jaz milk
'Well, I admit, she is... ok she is extremely beautiful. But, as you have seen on tv, I got 30 secs more of camera in our commercial than her! It has to have some meaning, uh?'
Yeah, it means your hubby pays for the commercial,
But of course i didnt tell her so :)

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