Friday, December 12, 2014

Pjs (bad) night

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 TAMELESS Hair Kaylana
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The Motel accepted Rum's credit card, and we got 3 rooms. The place was not the Hilton, but seemed quite clean. The problem was not the place, but the guests, as we soon understood.
Well, the thing is, i was again in a room with Rum. And this time it was a small one, with only a queen size bed and a little closet.
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 TAMELESS Hair Kaylana
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Yes... things seem always easy with Rum. So we were joking about this and that...
(furniture poses)

I chose the side of the bed and we turned lights off. He said 'goodnight, love', but we kept talking in the dark. The wind kept blowing like crazy.
And under the cover of the darkness, I asked about his ex, the princess.

Uff... Silly me, He kept silent again and I felt so sad... It was hurting ME, and i thought i was an idiot
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cause just because he kissed me and called me love I had thought that...
And then he said slowly, 'listen DD', and i know he was serious cause he was not calling me love and I felt like crying.
Then we heard someone shouting outside, and then the shooting.
We jumped from the bed, but i stopped him from getting out to check. I was terrified. Then Umami knocked at the door.
Someone had been shot, and they had called to their door, that was next to the stairs, and Silence had gone to the parking to try to help.

Rum ran downstairs. Ree and Marlow were there now, and we heard voices calling for a doctor.
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(to be continued)

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