Sunday, February 15, 2015

He chose his special place

So, about the Valentine's evening...
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It was a beautiful night, but quite cold, and i was glad Rum insisted on my wearing something comfy for the walk, cause Sexy decided long ago she wont poo but in her poo special place, as Marlow calls it, so we had to walk all the way to the dam ... special place and back. 
But it felt so good walking together in the Valentine's moonlight, while we talked  about our friends and their Valentine's plans. How would they be doing?
Silence and Umi ... Would Umami's mom interfer their Valentine's?
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... and I was dying to know about Ree and Marlow and their last second bargain...
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When we were back inside the building, and Sexy began her usual fight against the world to run upstairs, we noticed the horrible stink.
'Whats... that?', said Rum. But I recognized it.
'I think Stephen has been eating what he shouldnt'.
'OMG. Are you sure its not a terrorist attack with some new biological weapon?'
Sexy pulled her leash so hard i almost fell. Rum took it from my hand.
'Wow, the worse he stinks, the more she loves him', he whispered and we followed the dog upstairs laughing, and getting ready to force her to enter our flat and not Jerry's.

But ...
The door of my flat was open. And Jerry appeared there. The stink was so strong it was almost visible as a green cloud around him.
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'Oh God, DD, Im so sorry... the monkey knows how to open my door, and i had to go and take back one of the crows, and  Stephen took the chance and  went down stairs, I suppose looking for Sexy... and I think you forgot to close your door, and...'

I entered my flat. The livingroom looked like a battleground. All my Valentine's deco, included the flowers, were torn to pieces and bitten. Hearing Rum and Jerry talking at my back, like a nightmare, I went to the kitchen. Same. All the trays on the floor, half eaten food everywhere.
And vomit, and... My flat was now Stephen's poo special place!
I covered my face with my hands. Jerry appeared at my side. 'DD, im so sorry, Ill pay for everything, and I clean it all right now, i opened the windows, the stink wont stay...'
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'Its ok, Jerry, its an accident', I sobbed. It would take days to clean that, apart from the horrible stink.
 Rum put his arms around  me.
'DD... please dont cry, love. We will fix it'.

'Im sorry... I dont want to cry... I just... I put so much time and effort and...'
'I know... Hey, listen, let me fix it, ok? Lets go. Let me take you somewhere'.
'Yes! Go, DD, when you are back i have it all clean and nice, I promise!', begged Jerry.
I felt so sad, and I saw how really guilty Jerry was feeling, and I felt double sad.
I doubted best maid in the world could get the flat 'clean and nice' ever again.
'Great! Go get some clothes, we are out for the weekend'.
'Where do we go?'
While i went to my room (thank god, Stephen didnt get in there), I heard him calling a taxi.
Yes, please, I wanted to go as far as possible!
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(to be continued)
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