Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hunnie, are you here?

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'OMG', I whispered , 'my mom!'
Rum and I coordinated in microseconds. We jumped from the rug and he looked at me and pointed to the toilet door. I nodded while grabbing my top. He disappeared  and i combed my hair and fell in the couch pretending to be watching tv  while my heart pounded like crazy.
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Mom smiled from the door, and asked me if i had fallen asleep. She sat by my side. She looked sad, and I apologized for our argument, and she did too.
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She began to say something about why she was so worried, but i told her that i was tired and didnt want to talk about it, (specially with my boyfriend hiding behind next door).

Mom said it was ok, we better go to bed , tomorrow we had a busy day with End's celebration.
'As soon as the movie ends', I promised.
Then mom got up... and discovered she had sat on something.
'What.. Oh, a shirt'.
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Godness me. Rum's shirt.
Mom looked at it and said, 'oh my, these guys, they spread their stuff around the house... I bet this is Silence's'.
'Yeah, he was here when i arrived', i said in my perfect, 'oh yeah who cares' voice.
Mom smiled. 'I love to have them home, I love to be a family'.
'Me too'.
Suddenly she touched my forehead.
'Hunnie, are you ok? Your cheeks are red, oh my and you are hot, you may have fever!'
'No, no, no worries, i think it was a bit too warm in here'.
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Finally she left.
And she took Silence's ( Rum's ) shirt to the laundry.
I counted to ten, and went checking. I heard her and End talking upstairs, and then the door of their bedroom closing.
Rum was at the toilet's door. 'Mom stole your shirt', I whispered and we had to do our best to not laugh out loud.
'We wait ten minutes or so, and you left', I said. 'want me to go and get one of Silence's shirts?'
'No worries, I have the coat'.
'Ok, let me check again before we leave the basement'.
'Ok, but come here first'.
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He held me close.
'Are you ok?', he whispered and I nodded, feeling like melting. We kissed. It was so difficult to let him go...  'I love you, DD. Oh... and I agree with your mom. You are very HOT'.
'Shut up, you silly!'
Its going to be best St Valentine's ever.

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