Wednesday, February 11, 2015

She does, she does, she does

Color Me Project OrsiniRed Love song dress, peony wings
 animA Poses  
We left early in the morning.
After asking us to please wear nice for the event, End appeared  driving a crazy flower power van.
It was too funny to see us in fancy outfits inside it.
 The Unique Mini Fair  Black Haus Monet blouse, pants and shoes
Fashion Instruments  Vestige Astrea poses
TBO Suit w/tie  
The Thrift shop Vestige Male selfie poses

He drove for more than two hours.
TOTSIPOP! TOT Baby clothing Green Bohemian dress
Vestige poses Lily poses

ZsiZsi fell asleep, Silence was listening to his music and I was texting Rum who asked if mom was wearing his shirt  :), when the van stopped in a beautiful place, over a lake.
V-Spot  Vintage N' Cool Jacket and casual cords
 ..: SAAL :..  Poses
 It was cold but very sunny, and the air was so pure, the grass smell was delicious and not far from there, a church bell rang.
'Hun, this is wonderful', mom said. End was some steps away, then he turned around and smiled, facing us.
'There is something i have to tell you, guys. I didnt get any award. Well, I did, but not a photography award'.
Then he took mom's hands and bent a bit to her.
Vestige poses - The Vows
'I dont know what i did to deserve this award, but its the best I ever had and the best I will ever have. Thank you, my love, for all the happiness you have brought to my life'.
'Oh End...' mom whispered, ready to start crying .
Silence and I exchanged a glance. What the hell was that about?
And then End knelt in front of mom and said, 'Liz, will you please marry me?'
Fashion Instruments Vestige poses The proposal
'Oh wow', I whispered.
Mom was crying and I began crying too. Silence put his arm over my shoulders and i held him.
'Yes', she said and End smiled and got up. He kissed her and turned to us.
'Ok, then, is everybody ready? The priest is waiting for us, up the hill, in the  little chapel. Silence, you'll find my cameras in the van, i hope you take best shots ever'.
Silence smiled. He was close to tears too.
'I will'.
Mom looked at me a bit shocked, and took End's hand saying, 'Hun, but,... what..., now?' 
 I smiled at her, nodding. 'Go ahead, mom', I thought, 'he is the right guy and you adore him'.

Color Me Project OrsiniRed Love song dress, peony wings, velvet love heels 
animA Poses  
Silence and I ran to hug them, with ZsiZsi shouting in delight to see everybody laughing and jumping.
Vestige poses  The Honeymoon
I felt happy for mom, and at the same time, it was awfully sad.
I know, its silly, but i felt that now, definitively, dad is gone forever.

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