Saturday, February 7, 2015

Now you are in charge

Angel next door outfit and  Reminiscence Heels 
DM poses
Silence is so sweet... After mom was shouting at him and blaming him for not stopping my seeing Rum, I was afraid he would be angry.
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Fresh Style AURA BLUE Amber mesh dress 
Loordes of London Amherst Pumps

But he just let mom talk, and said nothing.

When i came back from granny's, the house was quiet.
I found him at the basement, watching an old movie.
Fashion Fair V-Spot  Gangsta' Baggies
+HUHU+ Tank top
HEYDRA  Genesis Mens Boots 
Furniture pose
'Hey DD, how are you?'
'Hi, Im ok, and you? Im so sorry mom got angry at you...'
Fashion Fair V-Spot  Gangsta' Baggies
+HUHU+ Tank top
HEYDRA  Genesis Mens Boots 
Fresh Style TR_Doan_Mesh_Jacket_White
Vestige poses Scott poses

'No worries'.
'Where is everybody?'
'They went out to see a friend. End said they will be back after midnight. ZsiZsi fell asleep a while ago, she ate a huge dish of spaghetti and a bit of icecream'.

Ops. I left and forgot it was my time to babysit.
'Aghhh, Im sorry again, I left you with ZsiZsi, and...'
TOTSIPOP! TOT Baby avatar wearing Blue Boho Dress
Marukin Pose

'Its ok. You were very upset, its ok. Where did you go? To meet Rum?', he said, while getting up and wearing his jacket.
'No, I went to see granny. I feel better. Thanks for everything, you are so good!'
'Yes, Im an angel. An angel who is leaving you in charge and running to meet his girl. Umi is home alone, we are going to get some hot dogs and  watch a teen doll episode. See you tomorrow'.
The Candy factory {Co*Motion} Rockabilly coat and shoes
DM poses
'Yeah yeah, watch teen doll, sure', I teased him.
FASHION WARDROBE  .::KL Couture::. Charme water(FW exclusive)
The Candy factory Ez's Chocolate dipper heels
Aphrodite Shop "Snowflake Wishes"  PG 1.0D

He turned around and smiled. When Silence smiles he looks like the most innocent boy in the world.
Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige Male back poses
* Inkheart * Charming Eyes - Silence mesh eyes

'Well, maybe we will... sleep a bit too, you know, and I said sleep', and i said 'OMG! shut up' and he left laughing.
I have to admit its quite nice to have a big bro :)
Loordes of London Amherst Pumps
B!ASTA   Reminiscence Heels
The Candy factory Ez's Chocolate dipper heels
* Inkheart * Charming Eyes - Silence mesh eyes
HEYDRA  Genesis Mens Boots

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