Sunday, February 8, 2015

Risky girls

After Silence left, I checked on ZsiZsi, who was peacefully asleep. I had eaten a tone of cookies at granny's but i prepared a sandwich and grabbed a coke, and sat downstairs at the basement, to watch the teen doll episode.
I thought about Silence and Umi. They were so happy together. They seemed to balance so well, complementing eachother , fitting as one... Umi was alone home this weekend. Her mom didnt like Silence, but Umi didnt care, she had invited him home this evening...
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My mobile whistled... a text from Rum. He knew i was arriving in the afternoon, but i had told him we would meet tomorrow.
'Im sitting here missing u, what are u doing?'
'Im sitting here eating like a cow and watching teen doll. And i miss you too'.
'Why dont we go to McD and eat like cows together?'
'I wish, but I am babysitting'.
'Want me to babysit with u?'
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Oh, of course i wanted.
'YES! But you have to go before mom is back at midnight, is that ok?'
'Setting the alarm here... ready. Im running to your house. Love you'.
'I love you'.
Then i began thinking about the drama we were going to enjoy if mom came back too early.
But it was not same as Umi and Silence, Rum would leave on time, and ...  'It wont happen', I told myself.
I wanted to see him too bad. I was taking the risk.

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