Monday, March 9, 2015

Roof of dreams

If you wonder what the hell I am doing tiptoeing on the stairs to the roof of my building at 4:00 am, its because you dont have a boyfriend who sleeps less than a chicken.
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I thought I had just closed my eyes when i heard him getting up.
'Rum, I cant believe it...'
'Im sorry, love, I cant sleep any longer, sorry, I didnt want to wake you up'.
'Its ok', I yawned,' but come here and cuddle'.
'Why dont we... go upstairs and see the day dawn?'
I know, I could have told him, 'cause its damn early for that'. But I love him.
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And cuddling is cuddling and thats the only important thing, isnt it? :) So we went upstairs with some blankets and made a fantastic bed under the stars.
I asked him if he had time to dream, in his very few hours of sleep.
'Of course, love. Tonight I dreamed we had a beautiful house in the forest. A palace, all for us'.
'Oh wow, how was it?'
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'Beautiful. Our own castle, big walls and then, inside it, a big hall...'
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I closed my eyes, following his story. Hmmm nice...
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'What would we do with so many rooms?', he said  and I answered we would need the jars room, as my granny's...
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'Yay, sounds useful', he agreed making me smile.
'She has all kind of stuff in there, from jam to spicey oils, ...'

'And then we would need room for you and your computers...'
'May I smoke in there?'
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'We will discuss that later'.
I kissed him and I saw in his smile that he was going to tease me.
'And you need a room for your stuff... '
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I mean...You know... You will need some room for all your dolls' .
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'Oh yes? Are you calling me little girl? Then... I wont allow you in next room'.
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'Ohhhh whats in there, c'mon Ill be good, I wanna see!'
'Ok, so, there is a...'

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Awwww so wonderful cuddling in our roof of dreams!
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