Wednesday, March 11, 2015

St Valentine's last minute offer

I love Ree and Marlow to pieces. They are absolutely crazy and best friends you can hope for.

Oasis Unisex sneakers
Feeb's Rascals St. Kingbal Stores TESSA PICNIC
DS'ELLES Tina pose

Ree found that very amazing romantic hotel offer for the St Valentine's weekend, and Marlow suspected there could be something wrong about it...
Feeb's Rascals St. J&A Chess Shirt with T-shirt Blue
Perimeter Rivalry jeans
Oasis Unisex sneakers
OPOPOP  Hadron V#2 Mesh Goggles 
Vestige poses KAI poses
But you know, when she asks him to do something... he always does :)
Vestige poses Against Wall

(to be continued)

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