Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Romantic Round .org

So, Ree booked their St Valentine's weekend with The Romantic Round .org, and there they went Marlow and her, happy to find such a good offer, for a really ridiculous price they got a nice hotel, all meals included, and even a night guided visit in the village!
EYELURE V Pullover   Violet Cheese Fries
Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige - Project Runway Walk
They arrived on friday evening, and went for the hotel check in.
EYELURE V Pullover   Violet Cheese Fries
ROOM69 Eternal Dream Cecilia pose set
V-Spot Boondock Pea Coat  and  Gangsta' Baggies
an Iar poses
V-Spot Boondock Pea Coat  and  Gangsta' Baggies
Le Poppycock- poses 
They took the elevator. Ree wondered why the clerck had told them that they were 'too young', Marlow had his own idea about it.
'Blondie, I bet you have booked this super cheap weekend with one of those oldie but goldie groups, you know, I just hope your grandad or mine have not had same idea'.
'Shut up, you silly... Oh my, do you think so?'
'What? That this is a group of happy retired oldies or that your grandad can be in the group?'
'No worries, blondie, whatever it is, it will be fun'.
Well... (to be continued)

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