Thursday, April 30, 2015

She is no one

After lunch, Angela decided we all had to take a nap and be 'fresh' for the evening.
Believe me, girls. It was horrible to be there, alone, waiting for the moment I would have to meet all those fancy beautiful people 'at their best'.
And I was sure those girls talking about me.
::Designer Circle::.  Loordes of London-The Fossils
[CIRCA] "Jaqua" Furniture sets w/poses
Wertina Wendy dress
'Hey, sweety, hurry up, we will be late'
100 Block Fashion Fair last day!  1HUNDRED Everyday Undies. Pink
**Ty'd and True Poses**
Serendipity Designs - Shabby LaLa Bath
'What's not fair? C'mom sis, you are becoming a grumpy oldie or what? Its a party!'
'Yeah, but you go with your sweetheart, while I have to cope with that mouse girl glued to MY boy'
V-Spot Dangerzone hoodieOasis Unisex sneakers
Black Fashion Fair  Vestige My model life poses
'He is just doing it to make you jealous, you have been too bad and now its payback time'
'You think?'
'OH MY sis, do you really doubt it?'
'Dont know, he acts so funny!'
'And so do you. See? You are redoing your wonderful hairdo, and you are full of doubts about your beautiful outfit. And its all because  you are feeling unsecure :P'
Color Me Project Icons Of Style Film Slate Poses 
TAMELESS Vita hair
'I am not unsecure!'
''No, you arent, just joking. Hey, you know what Id like to wear?... '
Color Me Project 
[CIRCA] "Jaqua" Furniture sets w/poses
 Icons Of Style Professional Killer Poses 
Jinx (DD) La Belle Corbeau
 Persefona Madame Elsa Wreath 
'OMG, Angela would die of horror! Hahahahahaha'
'You bet... I really cant stand that woman, she is so bossy, why Jules has to have such an unbearable mom?'
'Anna Maria!!!'
' I know, we love her kids, so we have to put up with her, and please her,  trying to imagine what she would like us to wear, to say, to eat... ugh'
SKY Josie Black
Color Me Project Icons Of Style  Aishka Pose
'I cant help worrying, what if that little mouse...'
::Designer Circle::. 
Loordes of London-The Fossils
Color Me Project Wertina Wendy dress
R.icielli poses 
'C'mon, look at us, we are the De la Fues, and she is NO ONE'.
* Inkheart * Water eyes metalic blue
::Designer Circle::.  
ASHMOOT complete outfit
Eternal Dream Anna poses
TAMELESS Vita hair
SKY Josie Black
Black Fashion Fair 
Tameless Marla hair
 Tuty poses
[CIRCA] "Jaqua" Furniture sets w/poses

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