Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Welcome to the Royal Show

Color Me Project
 #187# Patchwork Leather Jacket Purple and  Flower Passion Heels Purple
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
Marukin Pose 
After the girl told us that the party was turning into the wild side, I went to my room and changed my clothes. I didnt feel like jumping in the pool, but, just in case. I was not risking Ree's beautiful dress.
I wore my jeans and came back to the party.
ROOM69 Home-Appeal Graft
StoraxTree Furniture 
But it was not so easy to find Rum in that huge place. I asked a maid and she told me she thought she had seen him going to the Service pavillion, taking the little path on the right of the back yard.
I thought he may have gone there with Dan007, and followed the path.

The place was nice, but seemed quite empty. Then I heard a male voice upstairs. Rum's. So I climbed the stairs.
 RACK pose

No. It was not Rum, (thank God) but a... busy couple. His body covered hers, but a sudden shine in the girl' s hand told me who they were. She was wearing THE RING... So, in the semidarkness I recognize them. Jules and Anna Maria.
POMPOSITY - Large Diamond Ring w/ Twinkle 

I stepped back, but not quick enough, and I met Anna Maria's eyes looking at me over Jules' shoulder.
I disappeared as silently and fast as I could. I followed the path back to the pool and saw Rum wondering around, probably looking for me. He saw me and smiled, and I ran to hug him.
'Hey, love, whats up?'
'I am afraid I am in trouble', and I told him what i had seen.
'You are not in trouble, love, they will, if mom knows about this', he joked.
Suddenly, big shouts came  from the pool.
'Whats going on?'
'Dont know, lets check'.
Oh my. The princess  had taken off almost all her clothes and was laughing hysterically at the people who wanted to stop her.
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Anna Maria appeared, running, and  screamed when she saw her sister falling in the pool.
'OH MY!!! Rescue her!!She cant swim in her ... condition!'
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::Designer Circle::. HEYDRA Babygirl Top 
Image Essentials  Accessorise pose
Jules was there now too,  (his shirt was half open... and also his jeans), but Anna Maria turned to Rum.
'Do something!'
'Why me?', he said in low voice but everybody was watching, and it was too much drama.
'Go, c'mon', I whispered.
'Its ok, go'.
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POMPOSITY - Large Diamond Ring w/ Twinkle
* Inkheart * Water eyes Turquoise
 Image Essentials  Accessorise poses
'Will you let her drown?', Anna Maria shouted.
'Dont ask', Rum said very low and I smiled at him.
He jumped and someone applauded. And I noticed something else. 
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Rum's parents were there.
Welcome to the princess and her sister show.
(to be continued)

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