Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gossips and glamour night

Furniture pose
We are back at the flat, and the exams keep us very busy. Especially Umami and Marlow. To be a doctor isnt easy, and when you are as responsible and perfectionist as Umi, or have to keep a part time job like Marlow, then it gets worse if possible.
They tried to study together, but it was impossible. Marlow has to have the tv on, or music playing, cause noise helps him concentrating. Umami needs absolute silence and can spend hours without moving from her chair.
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StoraxTree Furniture

PlowwiesWacky Mona  jammies set female
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Ree and I are busy and quite hysterical too, but not as much. When Umami  appeared at the kitchen, crying and saying she was unable to learn anything, Ree said she needed a break.
'We all do', she added. So I went to walk Sexy and got some ice cream while Ree and Umi  asked Jerry if they could borrow his BBQ. They made the most greasy ribs ever with tons of sauce, and after eating like cows, we sat in front of the tv for a girls night.

And ohhhhhhhhhhhh it was the ceremony of the MWS (most watched shows) awards! Lots of famous people there, exactly what we needed!
Gossips and glamour!
Oh my, my hero,  Gigi Bits,  her fashion magazine is our very fav!! Watch her... looking amaziiiing!!!
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Yay. This is exactly what we needed to relax :)
Plowwies jammies
Image Essentials  Sleepover

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