Monday, June 29, 2015

I love it when you say you miss me

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn Morning everybody!
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One more monday morning... ugh. We are in the middle of the countdown to the final exams.
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As everyday I woke up with Rum... Rum my pirate rabbit, the one he gave me and I named after him.
And of course, with Rum's (the boyfriend who never sleeps), good morning message.

He is so cute... so cute, so sweet, and such an easygoing person, always taking things as they come, keeping calm, fixing everything with his smile and his happiness... Awwww yes, Im in love... And I miss him like crazy.
Especially when we have been together for some days, when he leaves, its really heartbreaking.
I go through the day missing him, no matter what i do.
So today I went to the library, but spent most of the time paying attention to my mobile to see if he texted me...
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Rum called me several times, as usual. I didnt want to tell him i was absolutely desperate because he wasnt there, and with the exams and so on it would take centuries till we could be together again.
I didnt want to make him feel under pressure, with a crying girlfriend saying miss you miss you miss you.
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But he probably was aware of something going wrong cause he asked me several times if i was ok.
'Yeah, just worrying about the exams'.
Ugh. I melt when his voice sounds so caring.
'Well, that.. and I miss you'
'Oh, love, dont be sad, please...I miss you too!'
Yeah, but I bet not as obsessively as I did.
At dinner time, Ree and I were waiting for Umi. She was in the shower when the bell door rang.
O-M-G!!! Rum!!!!
He smiled and I said, 'But... you? But... your exams... I mean, what are you doing here?'
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I jumped to his arms and he said, ' I was desperate, DD, I loved it when you said you missed me, with that sweet voice you have when you are sad...'
And girls, he is staying till his next exam. Three days together! YAYYYYYY!
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