Saturday, August 1, 2015

Anonymous students

I began working with the team, under the direction of Mr. Eans, and not only did good, but shined at it. Suddenly, the curse of my  never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours became a blessing. I finally had something to fill the empty hours. I could dedicate a lot of time to the files, so we organized tasks and the team progress was spectacular.

In few months I not only became Mr Bart  Eans', aka Cool_Beans, favorite student, but his right hand man, and I have to say that the guys never resented it. We were a team with a target, there were no stars. The best organized we were, the safer and the strongest we would become.
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And always working in the most complete secret, keeping our normal lives, not even knowing each others faces, anonymous, just campus students.

In my third year at campus, Mr. Eans died. It was a very aggressive blood cancer that killed him in few months. He worked with the team till his last week, but he didnt give us any direction  about the future except for the files we were working on.

I spent the funeral trying to find out  in the multitude who my invisible friends were, cause I was sure we all were there, and I needed them. No one but us knew the real Mr Eans, and we couldnt let anyone know what a great guy he was.  I felt devastated, it was almost like loosing grandad again.

People were moving in groups, talking low. It was a  winter late afternoon, running to a dark evening.
I stayed alone,  thinking of grandad, and Mr. Eans and the project, and wondering how things would be now. And what I was going to do. What if I forgot about it all, never connected to the team channel again and kept working  in the big group of students in the solar platforms project, with another teacher. Or I could leave, come back home, enter the law school, work with Jules and dad. I could try to forget that I knew there was not a safe place in the whole world.
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I dont know how long i stayed there,  lost in misery, but I suddenly noticed I was getting frozen, so I looked at the grave for a last goodbye.
And then I saw them. I was not alone in the cemetery. There were three guys and a girl there. My team.
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