Sunday, August 2, 2015

I wouldnt call her brat

Image Essentials  Petrolhead White RARE
Anna Maria is still a teen. She is not only beautiful, but adorable. She has that fresh touch of bold innocence that makes me understand  how she managed to captivate the heir of one of the biggest fortunes of the planet.

She drives her own (awesome) car, she wears best designers' clothes, but she is humble, natural, so kind and fun that steals our hearts from hello.
Color Me Project Sofie's Selection  Flared Pants & Top With Hud
MISSNOISE sunglasses
Image Essentials Petrolhead White RARE
In an always too short (you would like to never let her go) interview, you will see a girl who can be funny and naive, but who also shows a very mature opinion about life and marriage, and worries about the responsibility of being Mrs. Van der Kerk, though, as she says, she hopes her future mother-in -law, 'lives as long as queen Elizabeth'.
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Her natural beauty shines when wearing fancy or casual. 
Moose Clothing  Nala Dress
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 SLC Mesh Beautiful Summer Cocktail Dress
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* Inkheart * Water eyes turquoise
Image Essentials  Body shots
We have met here, and the rumor of the waves, the screams of the seagulls and the breeze, create the perfect atmosphere for this beauty of turquoise eyes to feel  relaxed and open her young heart to us (go to pg. 5)

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