Saturday, August 22, 2015

Confidences from the hacker's room

'Ty so much for coming, welcome to your home'
'My pleasure buddy. Hey, your plane is awesome, I bet you didnt even have the time to get the beers cold'.
'Always ice frost beers here, Mac, you already should know it'.
Nerdgasm - and MP shirts
 Perimeter mesh jeans
Image Essentials 
1. Suit and tie
2. Streetwise
StoraxTree Furniture
Image Essentials   Let me explain
'So your girl freaked out, uh?'
'She is scared. And Im terrified of losing her. If she asks me to quit, I think I...'
'Hey hey. Take it easy. You know what would happen if you quit, right?'
'A car... A couple arrived'
ODDITY Shorts -Summer Walk- Poplin  Shirt -Bruce- Aloha
Moose Clothing   Rafiki Top and Skirt 
Label Motion  pose 

'My bro and his gf... He asked me if they could come and I didnt want them around, but...'
'Yeah, family is family'.
' Love the guy, but his girl is the queen of bit***s' .I told him I was working in the final project, and he swore I wouldnt even see them'.
HEYDRA Charlotte Shirt
  *Luckie* Moonbeam Shorts and Panda Platforms [Yin Yang]
Image Essentials   Woman stands
'Lets hope they behave... Woot and who is the super hot chick?'

' The...? WTF ! What is she doing here? '
(to be continued)

  *Luckie* Panda Platforms [Yin Yang]

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