Saturday, August 22, 2015

Enjoying the weekend

Umi has had an amazing weekend, doing the things she loves the most.
LYRIC pose
Being with her boyfriend...
And getting ready for her 'debut' with the dance company of the village!
DS'ELLES  Stand 10 poses- MANIAC-
She called me from the motel where they are hiding from her mom :)
DS'ELLES Charme pose stand
EVA Group GIFT/ R#10 [by AsHmOoT ]open till sunday!! RUN!
DS'ELLES Feeling pose stand
DS'ELLES Feeling pose stand
DS'ELLES Feeling pose stand
She is so sweet! I told her not to worry. I still have not talked with Rum since he left, but I am ok. 
Or kind of.

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