Monday, August 3, 2015

Please take me Somewhere

Vestige poses Striking Pose

'Oh my! I really need to hide for some days! After my interview at Gossips magazine, they follow me like lices!'
MBA Tchelo's Dress Maxi  EXCLUSIVE
Vestige poses Model default poses
No pics please Pose by FROZEN
'Annie, we can go wherever you want all around the world. Why do you want to go to Somewhere? I told you my brother was locked up working in a project for his final exams. I dont want to force him to welcome guests while he is busy'.
DS'ELLES Tina pose set
ASO!Summer Slippon for the Gacha garden

'But I love the island! And we wont disturb him, we can go out all day and meet for lunch and dinners only if he feels like that. C'mon hon, I am tired of those journalist appearing , and Somewhere is 100% safe! 
Tori's Stylez Tops-Kylie-Collection 
ODDITY Pants ~Shameless~ Denim
Vestige posesStriking Pose

I will sunbath topless and feel safe. We could even... skinny-dip, yes?'
  *Luckie* Dream Halo 
{NanTra} Poses'...'
ASO!Summer Slippon for the Gacha garden

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