Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is your neighbour a serial killer?

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In few weeks it will be too cold to spends nights on the terrace at the top of the building.
But while the weather keeps so nice, some nights we climb there to watch the stars and cuddle...
and do those things you do on summer nights beneath the stars...
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So last night we were watching the stars and whispering our crazy secrets, when we heard the building door closing. It called our attention cause it was clearly audible in the silence of the late night, but also, cause it sounded... you know those sounds that people do when they dont want other people to hear them?
So we went to check. A guy was doing something down there, next to the building.
Rum asked who he was, and I said I didnt know him, so he probably was the new neighbour Ree had met the other day.

But what the hell was he doing at 3.30am? He seemed to be looking for something, cause he had a flashlight on his hand, but we couldnt be sure while watching him from the roof, so Rum suggested he could be checking the place where he had buried his victims (yeah, we were watching a horror movie that evening).
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He stood there for a while and then came back to the building. It was getting cold, and we decided to go downstairs, so we took the blanket and the pillows .... where was my top?
ODDITY Pants -Robert- Denim StoneWashed
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Awwwwww and I think Id love him to move to the flat with me...
So lets  cross our fingers and wait for the weird neighbour  to be a very dangerous guy :P

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