Sunday, September 20, 2015

The day Candy Louise didnt stop at the forest cabin

 Imeka poses
Vestige poses Man walk
Plowwies Centi Phantom returns complete outfit
Vestige poses Business man
(New Neighbour in Big Forest Town>>>>>COMING SOON to the theaters!)

With Jeremy Cane as Larry
OPOPOP Jango in Blue // Mesh Jean's and  Evry VM // Mesh Sweat Hooded
Vestige poses Man walk
Introducing Eleanor Roberts as Candy Louis
* Inkheart * Paint my nails hunt Fading colors manicure set Elegant Eyes - Grass
Loordes Of London-Super Sales Weekend Wooden Tears necklace 

*Luckie*   Moonbeam Jeans 
EYELURE Front Tie Top   BlueGreen Floral Store  FREE GIFT
Rams Wear-Saqqara shoes
Xen's Hats Haworth hat
Tchelo's - (and MP) NOVA SKIN
Vestige poses  Runaway poses

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