Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last night I dreamt I went to the Van der Kerk mansion again (I)

Last night I dreamt I went to the Van der Kerk mansion again.
It was raining and was cold, and the place looked weird, but in my dream, i knew it was Rum's home.
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 Loordes of London -Rogue Boots
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A maid opened the door. 'Mrs. Van der Kerk will be here in a few', she whispered, 'you can wait at the tv room'.
Loordes of London Varanasi Dress and  Rogue boots
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I followed her, trying to explain I was looking for Rum, not for her 'adorable' mom, but she disappeared leaving me at the most spooky tv room ever, while whispering, 'I dont think Mrs. Van der Kerk is gonna approve your outfit, mizz'.
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That was the moment I realized i was dreaming. And at that very moment i did my best to wake up, but I couldnt. I highly suspected it was not going to be a nice dream, but it wasnt so bad yet. Just wearing  only sexy underwear, when visiting my boyfriend's mom in a spooky house. Yeah, not too bad.
But after a while, things got worse. I heard whispers, and someone breathing close to me, and then steps outside. And I decided to call the maid and tell her, dream or not, I was leaving.
I discovered I was dressed again (great!) so it was the best moment to run. But then a door opened at the end of the room and a voice called me.
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He talked low and I thought he was naming Rum, so I entered the room. There was a tall man there, who asked me to stand for a picture.
 'A picture?'

He explained Mrs Van der Kerk kept a folder for the sheriff's office  with  the pictures of the bad girlfriends, and I would be punished if I didnt allow him to take the pic.
(Well, knowing Angela, it sounds quite real, I will have to ask Rum about it :P)

He was so happy after taking the picture, he took me to the kitchen to give me a special cake. (I know, I know, run DD, run... But horror movies and nightmares are always like this).
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The kitchen was worse than the tv room if possible...

And the phone began ringing. I had the feeling it was Rum, trying to contact me (remember, mobiles dont work at his home) and I told the kitchen's people I needed to answer that phone, but they didnt pay any attention to me. I would have to look for it.
(to be continued)

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