Monday, September 7, 2015

The girl my son shouldnt marry

 Cupcake Clothing Stained glass dress for the BLB3Hunt
Vestige poses Talk on the phone

'Angela? This is the princess, how u doing?'
`Hi, hun, nice to hear you. Im fine, thanks, and you?'
'Im fine...Angela, if you have some free time, id like to have a cofee with you...'
'Today? Well, Im out to the gym righ now, wanna meet there?'
EYELURE Campus sweats and tops
Image Essentials Stretch poses
'Angela, I will be honest with you. I am desperate. I dont know what to do to have Morris back. I have done my best... and he doesnt react!'
'Im sorry to hear that, hun. Morris' relationship with that new girl really worries me. I hoped you would make him be reasonable again... Well, as reasonable as the kid can be, and thats not much (sigh)'.
* Inkheart *Water eyes Metalic blue
Image Essentials Wall to wall poses
'I dont understand why he is doing this to me... We had such a wonderful story, and this girl is no one!'
'Yes... I wonder where did he find her... her place is not here, she is clearly... lower'
::Designer Circle::. smesh  Shirt and Capri Pants
animA Poses
'Yeah! She has no looks, no name, no... nothing!'
'I agree... He made such a fuss about her when the little brat told him I wasnt good to her... I really wonder why he is acting so silly, this is just a ... girl'.
'Yeah! A vulgar girl'
   Loordes of London -Arezzo Jeans Double chemise
fi*Friday Fashion House Loordes of London-La Marais-Boots-Putty
Ma Vie - Poses

POMPOSITY. Large Diamond Ring
Image Essentials Bodyshots and  Accesorise poses
'Let me tell you something. Its not easy to get to be a Van der Kerk wife.And even more difficult to 'keep the job', if you know what i mean. These men are surrounded for all kind of b*tches, and excuse my language, but lets be clear. You want to have one of those (showing her ring)... You will have to work for it.' 
 ::Designer Circle::.  
Baubles! by Phe
Graffitiwear Brown Striped Elegance
Image Essentials 

'I know i have what is needed! Angela, I love him and I go for him, will you please please help me to win this war?'
::Designer Circle::. [London People] Hazel - Autumn Time
TAMELESS Vita hair
Image Essentials 
Sashay poses

'Hun, I cant lie. Its difficult for a mother to find a good enough girl for her son. But what a mother definitively knows is who is NOT the girl his son should marry'.
Plowwies Ima Spook jammies (includes make up tatoo)
Xen's Hats Arachnobia Hat Black
SEQUIN EVENT  Reel Poses - You'll Never Walk Alone

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