Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween report: Day 9 - You shouldnt be here

Agent Rex doesnt seem the policeman of the year, but he is quite cute. We had some (many) drinks after the dinner, and when he took me to the hotel, I invited him to my room.
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It had been a fun evening, in fact he was better company than i expected him to be.
And things were getting even better, if you know what i mean... 
... and then Mick came through the wall in his ghost shape.

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'Mick!', I couldnt help but saying, and Rex asked, (sounding a bit pissed off) , 'Who is Mick?', 
and I remembered he couldnt see the ghost.

But Mick could see me, and he was as surprised as me, to the point he suddenly changed into his zombie shape, the solid one, the one people could see. 
Then he poof! disappeared instantaneously.

I was shocked.
Rex didnt see him, and I pretended everything was ok. 
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But it wasnt. He was sexy, he was nice, not a bad lover, in other situation I wouldnt have minded  him to stay for the night, but I felt like being alone. I woke him up before dawn, and kicked him out as nicely as I could.

I couldnt sleep. I took a shower, tried to watch some tv, read a book... nothing worked.
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Since I met Mick, three years ago, he has been coming in and out of my life. Its a long story and not the moment to talk about it.
Oh damn, he was a ghost but in a way it was like being caught by a close friend while doing something wrong.
Why wrong?? I was single, free, +18, ... Damn. The fact was I hated him to see me naked with a man.
Then I heard a noise. I sat on the bed, turning the light on.
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Oh. My. A ghost, and a solid one. I had met some of them before, like Mick's zombie. 
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They were the worst kind , the ones who could physically hurt you bad.  
I jumped from the bed. The clown ghost trapped me against the wall pressing his big belly against me, whispering something that sounded menacing though I couldnt understand it. 
I knew he wouldnt be able to keep his solid shape for long, I just had to not panic and ...

Something pushed the clown away from me. I opened my eyes, to see Mick beating the sh*t out of the clown, keeping himself between the clown and I, till the clown dissolved with a moan of rage.

I jumped to his arms, and he held me carefully. His solid form is unable to feel and he cant control his strength.

'You ok?', he asked me.
'Yes, who was that?'
'Dont know. But Eliza told me he was coming'.

The mirror ghost? 
(to be continued)
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