Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The fat skeletons band

The place was crowded. People was very friendly, and they kept saying hello to us, while Rum did his best to introduce us to all of them.
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We  had just grabbed some drinks , when a girl ran to us super excited.
'Rum! Rum! OMG, you have to see this!'
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Damn, she was so cute, wearing that funny pjs and the bleeding knife! She began laughing and turned to us saying sorry for interrupting, but we all had to see this... Then she noticed Rum's arm around my waist and looked at him with such a delighted smiled that she won my heart in spite of being so beautiful :p
'OMG! Is this...your DD? Woot! So gooooooood to finally meet you!'
Rum laughed and said, 'yes, this is my DD. DD, guys this is Trace. She is nuts but she is a wonderful friend'.
'Glad to meet you all! And now, please, come with me. The fat skeletons are playing!'
So we followed her down stairs to the basement, where the music was playing loud. It didnt sound bad! Wow, so many people, and everybody seemed to be having a blast.

The band on stage was super fun, a bunch of skeleton playing golden rock hits.
Image Essentials The drumer prop w/poses
'What the...'
 I looked at Rum. He was looking at the stage and began laughing like crazy. Trace smiled at me, 'DD, do you know Mac?'
'Look at the drummer. He is one of our best friends. And he never told us he was in a band!'
Mac is...the fat skeleton? Oh my!

Image Essentials  Stop it poses

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