Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awwww wonderful (THE Wedding Gown)

My cousin Zazu and I are so close that we usually say we feel more sisters than cousins.
So when she called me saying she was doing SOMETHING and wanted her ‘sis’ by her side, of course I ran to the studio where she told me she was going to be.
And, gosh, I love her but when she teases me I would kill her J

But finally she got up.
Oh my! It was so fun and so exciting playing Zazu’s wedding day!

The dress she had to use for the pictures could fit any girl’s dream. I helped her to dress while we both were ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ the whole time.
I wanted to wait outside while they finished her preparation, to see the final result as a surprise.

And when she appeared…
 Well I have no words, but when you see the pictures in the fashion magazines, you will know what I mean if I tell you I felt like marrying  as soon as possible!!!
[ L3S ] Foam dress

California Crop + Flower Jeans
bis[k]uit Lime flats

HOT STUFF at Vanity fair  
Fresh Style Flowered  
.:: Designer Circle ::. 
PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses

[ L3S ]  LEZTATIUM shoes+stockings

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