Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mirror said ... What???

Dale is organzing the PLAY of the week for the summer course.
It means during the week we have to prepare a play , and perform it on Saturday and Sunday
The plays will be very short ones, based on fairy tales.
And this is the week of Snowhite.

Yes, i also think Loulou is amazingly beautiful. And she has that dark hair and pale skin, so she will do perfectly for the princess.
But life isnt always fair (or is it?), and when Dale called them to asign the roles, he told Loulou,  ‘hun, you are so beautiful, you will do great as...'
[ L3S ]Medieval Vamp outfit

But then, who...?                                                                                        

A girl who 'looks sweet and innocent and ...delicious to see'

Loulou  was so sad and so angry...   As soon as the first rehearsal ended, she ran home not wanting me to go with her.


  I cant help liking this girl :)

the other OUTFITS
TrendStyle  - Dress Marla mauve
.:: Designer Circle ::.
PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses  
.:: Designer Circle ::.
Barely Legal - Talented Bitch Mesh Dress
PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses  

[ L3S ] FLOWERS outfit
.:: Designer Circle ::.
PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses 

HOT STUFF at Vanity fair 
Yael E dress

Designs by Sebastian  - Cascade of Pearls Black


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