Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Problem girl

My cousin Fly is forteen. She likes to be a problem girl.  I think she just wants a lot of attention. And she is really succeeding. Her mom, my mom, and granny are super worried about her.
Lately, the subject of all their conversations is Agnesse, Fly's new bestie.
And if you hear them, she is no less than an international spy ready for massive destruction.
Marukin pose
The Thrift shop Sky - Giraffe Safari Rigged for Slink HIgh
Sky for Fashion For Life   Safari (exclusive)
But I met her yesterday on the beach, and... well... she really doesnt look so dangerous, does she?
CURVES Ava skin
Perfect Shapes Sweetie pie
blah.BLAH.blah Freedom  Stretch Tee w/Denim Shorts
Ploom pose

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