Thursday, June 19, 2014

Profile picture

This is the new profile picture in my cousin's FB.
TAMELESS Buck O'Five Outfit
POMPOSITY Ladybug belly piercing and bracelet
Fructose poses
When my aunt (Fly's mom) saw it, she asked Fly to inmediately delete it. I think the WHYs of her daughter were heard by all the neighbourhood, and the fight they had was terrible.

Fly is fifteen and even if her mom would love it, she doesnt feel a little girl  anymore.
SKY for fashion For Life Passport to Fun capris and Waist Sweater 
.: Somnia :. for Fashion For Life Get Lucky 
Essenz for Fashion For Life - Tampa slink shoes
Sari-Sari Poses
She wants to look grown up and sexy.
BN Designs for Fashion For Life Melody2 dress
::Duh!:: for Fashion For Life Traveler's Bag
Sugar & Cyanide Star Dust Wedges
animA Poses
... as her soulmate, Agnesse.
CURVES Ava skin
Perfect Shapes Sweetie pie
Legal Insanity for Fashion For Life Dress jungle 
TAMELESS Tami hair
{NanTra}  poses
Not only Fly's mom is involved in this drama, but granny, and my mom (cause Fly's mom is her cousin).
And i think what they should do is not paying much attention to this rebel teen, cause this is exactly what she is looking for!
POMPOSITY Ladybug belly piercing
THE PIER MARKET ..::DD::. The Sky is Free earrings and necklace
TAMELESS Buck O'Five Outfit and America F Yeah! Outfit
Fructose poses and DM poses

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