Friday, August 15, 2014

I know I have to tell you about the party...

I know i owe you a story, girls, but believe me my life is rolling crazier than a hula!

Sky@::The Great Summer Bash Fair:: 
 Seaside Outfit Khaki
Image Essentials for The Great Summer Bash Fair
Hula Hooping 7 RARE
I will begin studing to be a journalist, and i cant really wait for the college to begin.
sky @Be Style is INSOLENTE ! * Gypset Market * - Hypnotic Sandal 
THE PIER MARKET Dark Passions - School Daze for Slink
The campus is too far from home, about 3 hours by car, and  I am moving to a flat with Umami and Ree, Umi is going to the medical school with Marlow, and Ree is studying archeology.
Sugar Suz is studying law, she will share a room with her cousine, who is a bit older than us.
Silence stays home, he is working with End and studying in a famous photography studio in the village.
SKY August Group Gift
Vestige poses Claudia pose set
Everything is so new and exciting...

But, hey! I promised i would tell you all about my adventures and I keep my word.

Maybe your DD is growing up... but I will always be same DD for you!

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