Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our new and CHIC flat!

Spargel & Shine Homes Annie Antique Travel Set
SKY Twyla Shoes and dress
Pose by la petite morte
Aggg we are unpacking and getting the flat ready! But im sure its going to look amazing.
Spargel & Shine Homes Annie Antique Corner Shoppe
We found this awesome house because of an ad at Umami's college.
We thought the building looked lovely.  It was a bit far from the campus, but fifteen minutes walking from the train.
And Ree has got  a nice little car from her grandad as graduation's gift, and her bro paid for her license, so distance was not such a problem.
SKY Twyla Shoes and dress
StoraxTree Furniture
Purple poses

SKY Twyla Shoes and dress
Purple poses
When we saw the building hall, we fell in love with it, though Umami whispered 'This is going to be too expensive'.

Anyway, we had to try. The ad said we had to talk with madame la concierge, something Ree considered absolutely chic!, but there was no one around.

'Lets explore', Ree said, and suddenly a girl appeared at the stairs.

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Niki, (that was her name), told us madame Brie had gone to see her doctor, but she could show us her flat, that was similar to the one for rent.
She was very kind . She was studying literature, and gave us a lot of advice, about the campus and the renting of the flat. Madame Brie was a witch, she said,  but the flat was nice and other students were living in the neighbourhood, so it was a good place to live.
We were deciding  to come back next day, when madame la concierge arrived and ...
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Fresh Style
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