Saturday, August 30, 2014

These pictures tell stories

Our flat at the campus is amazing. Each of us has her own room, and we are decorating them with the thousand things we have carried from home.
And one of those things are pictures. Ree has a wall half covered with all her pics, most of them telling the story of her hot love (who lives not far from us) ;)
Image Essentials  Justify My Love  60L weekends
Umami and Silence miss eachother so much, they are texting like crazy, when they are not talking on the phone.
Diesel  King & Queen (Couples)  free gift
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Shirt with/without Sleeve with HUD
StoraxTree Furniture
OPOPOP  Enme in Cyan // Jean's VM and The city mesh shoes
 V-Spot  "Ride me" Jacket
Image Essentials Frame w/male poses
 And what about me? Since Bf has deserted me to save the Earth planet (or to find petroleum without destroying ecosystems, to be more exact),  I have had no news from him. And then I have this thing with Rum... that its not thing not no - thing.

Of course, if i followed Ree's advice, I could have this pic hanging on my wall
 ::O A S I S:: Male T-Shirts 
Sabra Style Boutique Lyrica in Green 
Something New poses~ Magent & Steel 
But  i think I will wait till Rum sends me this one :P
Something New poses Just a Pat on the Back
And nooo worries, cause this is the kind of girl who always finds an idio... i mean, a hero ready to save her!
Image Essentials Swept Off Your Feet
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Princess skin
SKY Twyla Dress Blue and shoes Weekend sales!

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