Thursday, November 20, 2014

Silly conversation (they could be in love)

(Mobile melody - You are the sunshine of my life....)
V-Spot Two-headed Freak Hoodie Group Gift and Skinny jeans
Le Poppycock- poses and mobile with pose
Hey love, how u doing  Rum, do you have a minute?
Always, whats up?  Sugar Suz had a call from Loulou!
Oh wow, thats great! Where is she?  No idea, but she is ok, isnt it wonderful?
Sure it is!  Erm... and...  Yes? No, its just that...
::Designer Circle::. StormCrow Design's *Shanaya*
pose old freebie not available

Whats up, love? Sugar Suz told me she asked you to go to the movies...

Feeb's Rascals St. Biscuit- Youth Box
SKY WEEKEND SALES!!! Stormy Boots Black
Vestige poses Umbrella Ella pose set

Yeah, some days ago ... and you told her... that you were with me.
Pause on both sides of the line. Then,
Yes, i did... - cautious - ... are you angry?  Angry? Noooooo! I wanted to tell you... I loved that you told her so.
Awwwww love, you are so sweet, I was afraid I made you angry.  At all! (giggles)
Seems that we both are quite happy to be with each other, uh? Yes! Oh, yes, it really seems so!
:) :)

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