Thursday, November 20, 2014

Something better than a fire and marshmallows?

Sugar Suz shares a flat in the campus with her cousin, but she was out for a couple of days  and our friend didnt like to be alone. She asked us if she could move to the flat, and of course we had no problem... but we forgot about it.
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She was calling us for hours, but Umami and Ree were in the uni with mobiles on silence and didnt get the call, and I had been talking with Rum till my battery said enough.
It began to rain. Then it stopped and was super windy. She was about crying in desperation when one neighbour arrived.
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Yes, the pirate. He opened the building door and let her in. And when he saw that she was going to wait for us sittting at our door, he invited her to have a coffee at his flat.
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'Get comfy, feel at home', he told her. Sugar Suz said he was so kind and so fun, they talked about the bad weather and then she told him that we were long time friends and she was staying for a couple of days and blah blah blah.
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She had took off her coat, and he joked about her shirt, 'dont tell me that you need to ask Santa for a boyfriend! A beauty like you? No way!'. 

'But girls, listen, if it was not enough to make me feel like i was in a dream, he showed me his terrace, and girls, he had a fire, and we stood there till it was too cold, chatting and eating marshmallows!'

The perfect guy. 
Now, who is going to tell her that he is a famous porn actor? 
Shesh, why cant Sugar Suz be a bit luckier in love?
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