Saturday, December 6, 2014

Loulou's wedding (5)

The night was divided in two big events.
First we had a dinner in our very fancy hotel, and then we would go to enjoy Las Vegas night for some hours.
Loulou was sleeping in the hotel, (stealing my roomate), but she wouldnt arrive till dinner time.
'What do we wear this evening?', Sugar Suz asked her. 'Whatever'.
So lets see... what about...?
TAMELESS Hair Sienna
SKY Women's Stuff Hunt Prize - Daneen Outfit
Designer Showcase Loordes of London-Roll of The Dice
{NanTra} Poses
StoraxTree Furniture
Life Of Style .O A S I S. Morena Dress(6 Different Colors)
ROOM69  ..::ILLI::.. - SLink Snowflake Heels Black
StoraxTree Furniture
PrincessMode poses
M-NUS Transparent Heels
EYELURE  Dramatic Liner  
 The Unique Mini Fair  AFI Designs Carols Dress 
Feeb's Rascals St.
Dark Horse Style Nails Grunge Metal Stripes
 *PosESioN* Lola Pose Set 
StoraxTree Furniture
Life Of Style   Loordes of London-La Mode Mini Dress and Vermallion Slingbacks
Loordes of London The 7th Letter earrings
StoraxTree Furniture
Imeka poses 
Ree said the boys had to wear tie. Marlow swore he would wore tie for the ceremony, but please, NO TIE tonight.  But Silence was nicer and said, 'anything to make them happy, bro, lets do it'.
Feeb's Rascals St. DramaZone X-mas tie 10 textures, HUD
Tuty poses 
As if we didnt know how much Marlow loves Ree... and how much he loves to tease her. He said, 'yeah, lets', and reappeared wearing the tie. Without shirt. 'And you are lucky I decided to wear the pants', he said, 'well, or maybe you ARENT' :P
Feeb's Rascals St. DramaZone X-mas tie 10 textures, HUD
V-Spot Stitched Velvet Suspender Jeans
Tuty poses 
But there is nothing Marlow wouldnt do for Ree... specially when she whispered, 'c'mon wear it, you know i will love to undress you later...'
(to be continued)

OMG  Fetching Pose - Be My Little Baby

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