Monday, January 12, 2015

What does he see in me?

I supose being friends with someone before you become his girlfriend, has lots of advantages.
When your boyfriend's ex is the princess, I cant see any.
ROOM69 Construct Glitter Wall Cloth Princess
Tuty poses 
I perfectly remember how sad Rum was eachtime she trashed him, and I remember how Marlow told Ree how the princess manipulated his ex when she wanted him back, sending all kind of messages
Vestige poses Liss
Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige Aja poses
FASHION WARDROBE  Busty Boutique Zagros black
Fresh Style  Xen's hats Copan Fedora Orange
and sex stuff. And believe me, she can do it, cause she is sexy to the limit.
Candy Cloud Purple leopard pants and corset
Vestige poses Liss poses
B!ASTA  January Scarves (10 colors)
Tchelo's TANGA Lace Red Subscriber gift
 PNP poses
 I have nothing to do with this kind of girl!
::Designer Circle::. Wertina outfit
Label Motion pose Im too cute gift
ROOM69 .:KC:. MONY Short Uggs Slink,Belleza & SL 
Rum, what do you see in me?
 Eklectika Pants
 V-String Sweater MEN ONLY HUNT

HEYDRA  Killian Sneakers
STAKEY poses 

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