Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snow White's stepmother

Ree and I went shopping for the weekend. Umami had an unexpected tutorial and couldnt come, but we promised we would get something nice for her.
Feeb's Rascals St.  HEYDRA Belinda Dress
EGO - Glitter bag  
Sweet Angel - Gold
SKY Valentine Stilettos
TAMELESS Luna hair
Vestige poses  Bag poses
Ree is always fun, but going shopping drives her so nuts that I couldnt stop laughing and feeling supergood.

We went to town by train, it was one hour trip but worth to do. But of course we had a lot of time to talk.
Rum was very busy with exams too, but he said there was no exam in the world that could make him miss our 'last party'.
Image Essentials   Women stands poses

Ree said i was really silly wondering why Rum could like me after having a girlfriend like the princess. 
'Oh my,DD, its so obvious as why Marlow is crazy about me after being with another witch like his ex! They are amazed when they see there are girls as nice as us, after being with Snow White's stepmother!'

Loordes of London Parisian Nights shoes
Feeb's Rascals St.    Sofie's Selection Mesh Lea Outfit With Hud
Image Essentials  Body shots pose set
'And also, cause you are a good girl, true, lovely, beautiful and sexy, of course', she said winking at me.
'Im not as beautiful and sexy as...'
'You are'.
We spent too much money, but got amazing new clothes (you will see them, no worries). And yeah, I couldnt resist to buy this delicious lingerie...
Tchelo's  Lingerie Satin & Lace Set
[[ Masoom]] Be Mine Tattoo
Image Essentials  Playmate pose set

Tchelo's  Lingerie romance this week's  Group Gift!
[[ Masoom]] Be Mine Tattoo 
Image Essentials  Playmate pose set
... but no! I didnt tatoo 'be mine' on my belly, cause maybe Rum would love it, but i cant have  my mom  dying in horror :)
[[ Masoom]] Be Mine Tattoo 

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