Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cant you feel the love tonight?

Its magic, isnt it? When you are dying to see someone and the someone is dying to see you.
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It was magic for us.
 Rum and I sat in front of the tv, on the old couch we have at the basement, and we ate the huge sandwiches he had brought and shared beer and coke (when you are in love, mixing beer and coke is not as horrible as it sounds), and saw the beginning of teen doll episode. 
The very beginning.
I was looking at the screen and noticed he was looking at me, so i turned to him and he smiled and kissed my nose and, damn, he looked soooooooooo good and i had missed him so much... I put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me...
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Magic... I felt very far from the world around. We were not in the basement but hidden somewhere only us could be. All I could see was the light in Rum's eyes and all i could hear was his whispering.
ROOM69  Aphrodite Valentines swing for couples
ROOM69  Aphrodite Valentines swing for couples

I suppose thats why I didnt hear mom coming till she was almost at the basement door.
(to be continued... I promise!)
HEYDRA Gentleman Shoes (slink)

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