Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We are going somewhere

We took a taxi. It was good to run away from the stink of the building. In spite of the disaster, I decided not to cry one more tear. Rum and I were out for the weekend... woot! But where were we going?
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I asked and again he said, 'somewhere'.
'Ok, but where?'
He smiled.
'Somewhere, love'.
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I smiled back. He was teasing me. But before I could talk his mobile rang. He whispered, 'oh, great. One sec, love... Hey, Jules...'
Jules. His older bro. I knew Rum and him had a good relationship, in spite of Jules being Mr perfect and Rum Mr.Black Sheep.
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'Yes, I need the bus... (...) Yes, Im going somewhere. (...) C'mon, its St Valentine's, forget about work tonight! (...) Yes (...) Yes,  Im going somehwere with someone (a wink to me, I smiled. His bro talking for a while and then Rum looked at me with his lovely smile), Yes, she is very special (i blushed) (...) Yeah? Thank youuuu'.
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He slipped his mobile in his pocket and said, 'thats perfect, we can use the bus, it will pick us up at the airfield in 30 minutes or so'.
'What airfield? What bus?'

'We need it to get somewhere'.
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'Rum, where is somewhere?'
He looked a bit guilty.

'Rum, c'mon, where...?'
'Somewhere is how i call my island. The bus is how we call the plane...'
'You have a plane and an island?', i whispered.
'Noooooo!' he said, and I thought, of course, I misunderstood, it cant be possible.
Then he added with his bright smile,  'its dad's plane'.

(to be continued)

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