Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do you think I look ok?

Rum told me the party would end in the back yard, where the swimming pool was, and told me to go changing my dress for something comfy... cause everybody would probably 'fall' in the pool sooner or later.
In my way to my room i heard a weird sound coming from a side door, like someone crying for help? I pushed it... OMG.
SKY Daneen Dress - Tangled Sandals 30 Colors see complete outfit here
Image Essentials Under the Weather poses w/prop
She got up quickly when she heard me. We looked at each other, obiously neither of us wanting to be there.
Image Essentials Under the Weather poses w/prop
She pretended to be washing her hands, but suddenly had to turn to begin vomiting like crazy, shouting (when she could), 'Get the F**K outta here!'
Ok. Lets see. My boyfriend's ex, drunk and quite sick, crying and all messy, needing someone to help her, who of course was not me.
I walked back to find Rum, but I was lucky. The princess' sister appeared.
POMPOSITY Large Diamond Ring
TAMELESS Hair Marla -  Sweetie Outfit
* Inkheart * Water eyes Turquoise
Marukin Pose
She had changed her party dress for  jeans and shirt, though she kept wearing her ring, and she was so absorted on it she almost stepped on me.
Image Essentials  Accessorise
Yeah, pretty and blonde. And idiot.
'I think she is drunk , she is vomiting'.
'Oh. And I bet you are having the time of your life telling me about it, dont you, bitch?'
EYELURE Campus sweats   and Jersey Top   Pink Stripe Worries
Imeka poses
Woot, what a couple of ladies were the De la Fues. I didnt answer and went to find Rum, while thinking their parents had probably wasted a fortune in expensive schools :P
(to be continued)

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