Monday, May 11, 2015

She will be trouble

Rum called me from outside the kitchen. He was with Dan007, smoking a cigarette cause the butler had ended his turn.
I explained what had happened and I saw how Dan was looking at him. Rum was in trouble.
1. The Dark Style Fashion Fair V-Spot // Rogue Parka 
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The Dark Style Fashion Fair V-Spot // Rogue Parka
Tuty poses 
'This is ridiculous', my boyfriend rubbed his temples, giving him time to think. 'But if my mom knows about it, she will be a real pain'. Then he looked at me. I bet I looked at anxious as I felt.
'Love, Im sorry, I wish you werent in the middle of this mess.'
'I am ok, if you are ok', I said and he smiled and hugged me.
'I love you', I whispered, hoping Dan007 was a bit deaft. He rubbed his nose on mine.
' I love you, DD. You know that, right? '
I nodded . Damn princess, the boy was mine, why couldnt she stop acting like a spoiled kid?

As I had left Anna Maria taking care of the princess, Rum decided to wait and see. So we stayed with Dan007 for a while. He was a fun guy, and we had a very good time just talking nonsenses. When he left, we went to the kitchen for a drink, and then that girl appeared, laughing and saying she didnt want to end up in the water. She said people were jumping in the pool, some more dressed than other...
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(to be continued) 

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